A timeless adage: There are lies, damned lies…and statistics. As of Nov 1, Jewish citizens killed in the Hamas atrocity, 1538…plus hostages…and counting. Palestinians killed thus far: 9227. Palestinians injured thus far: 22,000. Palestinians killed by settlers: 132. Yet even more problematic. The false equivalence fallacy means judging two unequal things as equal; ie, apples… Continue reading EQUIVALENCY

Commercial Evolution

I’ve long been an observer of commercials because I discovered they reflect our constantly evolving social mores. Take a look at advertising during ANY decade since the advent of television. That ad will reflect the social dynamics of that time. Not so many decades ago, a commercial, ANY commercial featuring a married couple or a… Continue reading Commercial Evolution


I can remember having watched THE BLACK DONNELLYS back in 2007, struck by its unrelenting darkness. Much like THE SOPRANOS, it was about a crime family, but this time, Irish. Dozens of memorable roles portrayed by established character actors; the writing and direction both arresting. Two standout performances by Jonathan Tucker and Olivia Wilde, she… Continue reading THE BLACK DONNELLYS


BLACKFACE When IS blackface appropriate? 😉 It’s not listed among Greg’s theater credits, THE LAST MINSTREL SHOW, which starred DellaReese and was slated for Broadway. But after out of town runs in Delaware and Philadelphia,we never arrived at our slated opening at the Helen Hayes Theater. (I still have that NY Timesfull page ad announcing… Continue reading BLACKFACE


After a meeting on Wilshire, I stop by a RiteAid on LaBrea before heading back to thevalley. It’s one of those weird ones (I guess in high crime neighborhoods) that keep their liquorunder lock and key. I sigh and return to the front for a manager to open the display case. She’s a little agitated…as… Continue reading JUST A HOLLYWOOD AFTERNOON


Arose at 4 to play nine holes at sunrise before the heat got busy. Driving to Woodley,the sky was glorious! Violets, pinks, grays, golds, blues…hadn’t seen that in years! Off at6:30, shot an eclectic 43 on Woodley’s back nine. Meaning scruffed shot, BRILLIANT approach.Topped drive, EXQUISITE recovery! Sliced drive, LASER-LIKE pitch. Lousy chip, SINKS a… Continue reading MORE RELATIVITY


This reportage on accusations against a Seal Team Commander (and our CIC’s interferencein the UCMJ) is troubling and dispiriting for several reasons. Elite units are regarded as suchbecause of their physical and mental standards and their exacting training. Apart from Delta,there is no unit ( publicly acknowledged) any more elite than our Navy Seal Teams.… Continue reading PROBING THE MINEFIELD