A timeless adage: There are lies, damned lies…and statistics. As of Nov 1, Jewish citizens killed in the Hamas atrocity, 1538…plus hostages…and counting. Palestinians killed thus far: 9227. Palestinians injured thus far: 22,000.

Palestinians killed by settlers: 132. Yet even more problematic.

The false equivalence fallacy means judging two unequal things as equal; ie, apples and oranges. So DOES moral equivalency exist in this instance? Depends upon who is asked. The majority of the world reacted with horror at the events of Oct 7th…understandably and justifiably so.

I don’t think an invalid comparison is that of America regarding 9-11. And in the process of payback, two wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan enduring almost two decades resulted in many more deaths and injuries ON BOTH SIDES than I can count. (I’d imagine SOMEWHERE a ledger exists…) But I digress…

Israel’s military is as sophisticated as any in the world. There can be little doubt they have the capacity to extract unlimited payback for their losses. And much (but not all) of the world understood their grief and rage on Oct 7th. Yet the brutality of their ongoing reaction has cost them much of any good will that once existed.

The wider world understood their rage and grief. That world is now engaged in assessing “How much is enough”? “How much is MORE than enough?” Who gets to answer that question? I suspect it all depends upon who is asked. But I do believe a Rubicon has been crossed. Haters will continue to hate. But I do believe that much compassion and good will has been spent by the MEANS and the TACTICS employed by the Israeli government and IDF during this current operation.

When Israeli’s (and Jews internationally) support the brutality (and it surely is just that) during the present operation then they forfeit the moral high ground. And they need that, believe me. In earlier years, Israel patiently, tactically located, hunted down and assassinated numbers of enemies of their people and state. America might have done just that with Hussein, Bin Laden and others….rather than those two expensive, enduing wars…and the thousands and thousands of resulting casualties. Who in the world had the standing to tell us, STOP!?? America squandered considerable treasure AND good will in that process of payback.

So do WE have the moral standing, the leverage to persuade Israel to first accept a cease fire? To then allow relief, food, fuel for Palestinian noncombatants? If not us, then who? At the moment we are holding their coats…and dissuading any regional hostile inclinations, with our Navy and Air Force and intel.

There are people all over this world that will NEVER regard Jews with anything but enmity and hatred. God willing, there are far more world citizens that might be persuaded towards neutrality…IF what lies ahead from Israel involves more compassion and mercy and humanism. Sheer revenge, payback is emotionally understandable, perhaps even comforting…but best case, we/they gain the time to work towards a peaceful, secure resolution.

Otherwise an outcome MIGHT BE actions that CANNOT be forgiven…not EVER. It only takes a single nuclear reaction. Just one…and I do fear it will be the beginning of THE END TO US ALL.

Let the responses reflect your humanity and intelligence. This is not the place for your anger or hatred.



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