For tonite’s TBT I chose a quixotic passage in my life in the late 90’s. The film was an independent project, entitled GAS STATION JESUS. It was then sold to Lifetime (in 2006!) and retitled FALSE PROPHETS. This, much like many of my favorite roles was directly offered to me by the film makers and… Continue reading WHATS IN A NAME?


“It’s a third world country”, I was told – as if that begins to prepare one for the experience of being in India. I’m not unfamiliar with the disparities of wealth and poverty in today’s world. I’ve lived abroad and traveled extensively throughout my life, but India is something quite apart, it must be seen… Continue reading BLIVET


I’d noticed on my itinerary a change of planes in Dallas.  “Hmmm,” I thought, “A private jet to bring us to Carlsbad New Mexico.  Nice.”    Private jets are invariably a pleasant experience.  I remembered golfing fundraisers years ago and being flown out of Van Nuys Airport, just minutes from my home to Palm Springs or… Continue reading SMALL PLANES


It’s now 2 AM. I’ve topped off the rental tank ($9.98 per gallon if they do it!), arrived at the Cincinnati airport (which is in Kentucky) and I’m prepared to drop off my rental and kill a couple hours reading til my 6:25AM flight home.   WTF, Budget? A sign pronounces the lots hours are from… Continue reading POST THANKSGIVING


Machu Picchu I generally write about my life experiences AFTER they’ve taken place…but something seems different about my journey to Peru tomorrow night.  There has been an uncommon unanimity of response from friends with whom I’ve shared my intentions.   Evidently this trip resonates with many; it is an adventure, a faint hope that “some day….”… Continue reading INKA DINKA DOO


DOWN UNDER THOUGHTS II That last evening, as I walked along the main drag, laden with take-home booty of duty-free rum and souvenirs for friends and family, a young Asian teenager approached from behind and asked, “Are you an actor?”  I’d been largely unrecognized since arriving, bearded, far from prime time markets, and told him… Continue reading DOWN UNDER THOUGHTS II


DOWN UNDER THOUGHTS I can still remember the fragrance of gardenia blossoms in a resort garden I’d always stop and smell, en route to the ocean – redolent, nostalgic, decadent…and was welcomed to Australia by the sight of verdant Jacarandas, indigo harbingers of the onset of summer there and a welcome reminder of home.  The… Continue reading DOWN UNDER THOUGHTS I