Ya know….this contemptible cocksucker #45 has innumerable oligarchs to bail his sorry ass out! OK? Feel me? His existing fines/judgements SEEM sizable. To US. But Musk-money, Russian oligarch billions, Conservative (low-key, white moguls) make 45’s financial concerns seem downright trivial. An obligated puppet atop our government just means MO MONEY to ALL/ANY of them! Can… Continue reading NOVEMBER


Well…what a difference a day makes… Remember that description “A Slow Moving Coup”? No more. It is now moving in Real Time…and accelerating! Don’t need a History Book; pick up any reliable news source today. BTW, you’d be far better served by Al Jazeera than any reportage pimped by Carson or Hannity’s Pravda-lite rubbish .… Continue reading Untitled


A timeless adage: There are lies, damned lies…and statistics. As of Nov 1, Jewish citizens killed in the Hamas atrocity, 1538…plus hostages…and counting. Palestinians killed thus far: 9227. Palestinians injured thus far: 22,000. Palestinians killed by settlers: 132. Yet even more problematic. The false equivalence fallacy means judging two unequal things as equal; ie, apples… Continue reading EQUIVALENCY


I’m thinking tonite, even as I watch our traditions vanish into mist, that I have memories of classic imagery few if any of you will ever know. You see, I sailed from New York to Genoa and back…and to Southampton and back, in the days when most trips to Europe were done by sea rather… Continue reading LADY LIBERTY


They took some shit away from me today. The World did… Well, the FB world did it. I do Facebook.  That’s about it. But I DO FB. Today, FB blocked my ass. Fuck “they did me a favor”… Fuck that a whole bunch! They took away from me, something I enjoy. How fucking DARE they?… Continue reading CENSORING


Mmmkay?  We now exist in this compelling duality. Unprecedented consciousness about sexual harassment. Unprecedented numbers of women willing to collateralize their sexual attractiveness. They now have the technology.  J This presents an ongoing apposition that I believe will continue.  Women at large will continue to press for harassment consequences…and other women (perhaps opportunistically) will continue… Continue reading GETTIN’ PAID


We know that industries with political juice have and will continue to pollute and poison us with their pesticides, drilling, mining, shipping, manufacturing.  Climate change notwithstanding, this is just business as usual.  So IF there are potential consequences to the proliferation of 5G, even it DOES pose a threat to bees and plants; human cancers… Continue reading 5G


Yeah. Gotta cop to something tonite. Had an exchange out there yesterday in the real world; one that truly tested my present reality. My master bathroom has a bulb out, affecting my daily real world clarity! Btw, it’s now been out maybe 3 weeks. Today I decide to DEAL with it! Drive to Home Depot,… Continue reading TEMPER