As we hunker down, reflect upon this. 2020, right?  Modernity. No shortage of beefs, past and present.  Slavery.  Native American Genocide. Hitler. Pol Pot. Idi Amin. As a senior American man of color, I can appreciate the progress made during my life….as well as ground surrendered.  In time to come I’ll address that…  Let’s stay… Continue reading WOMEN


I traveled east to DC this past week to support an event for a film discussing PTSD and veteran suicide.  It was unlike me to be away; this past Wednesday was my 53rd Alive Day.  I rarely venture far from home during this time.  I tend to be emotional and fragile…but I felt this event… Continue reading THE JOB


A very similar encounter happened to me on a NYC street, Easter Sunday morning, 1979. VP Kirchner and I both survived…but that malfunction was the trigger for my PTSD, 10 years AFTER Vietnam. I’m sure she will seek help…but you can appreciate just how traumatic such an event would be. Argentina’s vice-president has narrowly avoided… Continue reading TRIGGER


I read the observations of veterans from different countries, of different wars, of different generations. There is a common sentiment, often with equal elements. Some of us would love to be engaged in a war in which we could be entirely invested. Some of us envy a righteous cause. Most of us know and accept… Continue reading SERVICE


A friend recently asked me a direct question. “What is wrong with tRump, that man?” I responded, “He is a narcissist.” I now realize that is not adequate. Relatively few people appreciate the real world consequences of this condition. So today I wrote my friend this: Hi XXXXX, You’d asked me a question the other… Continue reading NARCISSISM


Three days and counting.  I’ve already voted, many Americans have…but this is my very first early vote.  I’m not sure I feel any calmer, tho I think that was my hope.  Political ads irritate me, those for and against my candidate…yet they’ll continue to run. Probably the most difficult thing to accept is that we… Continue reading COMING ATTRACTIONS


HiStory Clearly ALL our passing events constitute American history.  But most able to both walk and talk appreciate that our present reality will endure for decades, if not centuries to come.  Much like JFK/ Nixon/ Clinton/ 911/ Obama,  the next 48 hours will define the direction of both American politics and America itself.  This is… Continue reading HiStory

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We (The Free World) seem to have an unspoken agreement; to pretend that our actions thus far are likely to create a good outcome in Ukraine.  Zelensky and his countrymen are courageous and committed…and they are dying.  More than 2 million refugees have been created.  Hundreds if not thousands of civilians have died.  But I… Continue reading Ukraine

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I’m a union man, have been since 1971.  I pay dues to three separate unions that govern the conditions under which I work as an actor; SAG, AFTRA and AEA.  I believe in the value of collective bargaining and organized labor.  But I feel that the pendulum has swung too far to the left and… Continue reading HARD LABOR

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So here we go.  😉  Erik Prince of Blackwater fame and sibling of Betsy DeVos is floating the idea of the ultimate outsource – turning over the prosecution of our longstanding war in Afghanistan to he and his merry contractor cabal.  Says we’re spending $40 billion a year and he can do it for $10… Continue reading PRINCE