So we’re driving up to Boston from NYC, my lady and I. I’d sold my loft at 510 Broome St…’73 or so.  John and Yoko had just bought a loft across the street. But I was moving to Boston to shoot a childrens’ series for ABC. JABBERWOCKY with JoBeth Williams and Bob Prosky. It was gonna be fun and it turned out to be hella fun!

As we drove north, we listened nonstop to the Watergate hearings on radio. Most Americans were then transfixed by the coverage. Our democracy was in question, shit was real. And it eventually forced a sitting president from office.

Today…well, I guess it depends upon how unaffiliated you might be. Hardcore beliefs are being tested and it really comes down to self-interest. Imagine that…self-interest actually trumping xenophobia and racism and bigotry. Yeah. When shit happens to YOU, that’s when shit gets personal. 😉

It’s hard to take much pleasure in our present political disarray. Goodness, what a clusterfuck of a country we have become…Yet all is unfolding in real time and in hi-def, as well.

So you’ll never be able to pretend the information you needed to make an informed decision was lacking. OK? It is all about us. Question is, can we handle reality? Can we handle The Truth?

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