I love this chick on the drum, she’s just so easy and confident.  She reminds me of Kim Dickens in TREME, just a quiet assurance, a confident sense of self with no seeming effort.  And you could say, “Tucker, how you gonna call her a “chick”, man?  That’s sexist.  And I think, “Yeah, I could refer to her as the young woman playing percussion…” and WTF?  Why would I go thru all that?  I drive up and there’s a chick bangin’ on a drum and that’s about all needs be said about it.  Cause her gender is incidental.  She’s makin’ music and when she sings, her music is less melodic than rhythmic and it doesn’t matter.  It’s not about her voice, it’s about her musicianship and rhythms.  I could watch her and listen to her sing all day…Her name is Erika Lewis.

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