For tonite’s TBT I chose a quixotic passage in my life in the late 90’s. The film was an independent project, entitled GAS STATION JESUS. It was then sold to Lifetime (in 2006!) and retitled FALSE PROPHETS. This, much like many of my favorite roles was directly offered to me by the film makers and… Continue reading WHATS IN A NAME?


I want to acknowledge the passing today of two unique voices. It was my synchronistic good fortune to have enjoyed encounters with both, back in the day. I resigned my Army commission after Vietnam in 1970 and moved to New York to study acting. Sanford Meisner, a seminal teacher of ‘The Method’ (along with Stella… Continue reading TWO VOICES


“It’s a third world country”, I was told – as if that begins to prepare one for the experience of being in India. I’m not unfamiliar with the disparities of wealth and poverty in today’s world. I’ve lived abroad and traveled extensively throughout my life, but India is something quite apart, it must be seen… Continue reading BLIVET

Commercial Evolution

I’ve long been an observer of commercials because I discovered they reflect our constantly evolving social mores. Take a look at advertising during ANY decade since the advent of television. That ad will reflect the social dynamics of that time. Not so many decades ago, a commercial, ANY commercial featuring a married couple or a… Continue reading Commercial Evolution


I can remember having watched THE BLACK DONNELLYS back in 2007, struck by its unrelenting darkness. Much like THE SOPRANOS, it was about a crime family, but this time, Irish. Dozens of memorable roles portrayed by established character actors; the writing and direction both arresting. Two standout performances by Jonathan Tucker and Olivia Wilde, she… Continue reading THE BLACK DONNELLYS


BLACKFACE When IS blackface appropriate? 😉 It’s not listed among Greg’s theater credits, THE LAST MINSTREL SHOW, which starred DellaReese and was slated for Broadway. But after out of town runs in Delaware and Philadelphia,we never arrived at our slated opening at the Helen Hayes Theater. (I still have that NY Timesfull page ad announcing… Continue reading BLACKFACE


In the midst of global strife and domestic contentiousness, today I am feeling a lingering sadness at the passing of Matthew Perry.  I didn’t know him personally but did spend a few days in his company while filming an episode of FRIENDS, years ago.  By that time, the show’s success had made the entire cast… Continue reading MATTHEW


Caitlin Clark and Iowa are playing right now on national tv against Nebraska. She leads the nation in scoring. Last year, she led in scoring AND assists, the only woman ever to do that…AS A FRESHMAN! The announcers say, “She has moxie” That’s an old school word.   What she has is swag or ‘tude…in spades!… Continue reading CAITLIN