Ya know….this contemptible cocksucker #45 has innumerable oligarchs to bail his sorry ass out! OK? Feel me? His existing fines/judgements SEEM sizable. To US. But Musk-money, Russian oligarch billions, Conservative (low-key, white moguls) make 45’s financial concerns seem downright trivial.
An obligated puppet atop our government just means MO MONEY to ALL/ANY of them! Can you imagine ANY OTHER time in the HISTORY OF MAN when such comparable opportunity existed???
Imagine Genghis Khan… or Hitler…paired with an enabler SO devoid of humanity OR principle? tRump is a singular douchbag…but he exists during a malleable time in human history! So… Don’t sleep on his capacity to affect our Quality of Life in the immediate future!
ALL is now truly in the hands of The People. US. Come November, American voters can make all of this ugly passage in our history just go away. It was all just a bad dream.
They/We CAN. Guess we’ll see. come November. ♥

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