Well…what a difference a day makes… Remember that description “A Slow Moving Coup”? No more. It is now moving in Real Time…and accelerating! Don’t need a History Book; pick up any reliable news source today. BTW, you’d be far better served by Al Jazeera than any reportage pimped by Carson or Hannity’s Pravda-lite rubbish .… Continue reading Untitled


A timeless adage: There are lies, damned lies…and statistics. As of Nov 1, Jewish citizens killed in the Hamas atrocity, 1538…plus hostages…and counting. Palestinians killed thus far: 9227. Palestinians injured thus far: 22,000. Palestinians killed by settlers: 132. Yet even more problematic. The false equivalence fallacy means judging two unequal things as equal; ie, apples… Continue reading EQUIVALENCY

Commercial Evolution

I’ve long been an observer of commercials because I discovered they reflect our constantly evolving social mores. Take a look at advertising during ANY decade since the advent of television. That ad will reflect the social dynamics of that time. Not so many decades ago, a commercial, ANY commercial featuring a married couple or a… Continue reading Commercial Evolution


I can remember having watched THE BLACK DONNELLYS back in 2007, struck by its unrelenting darkness. Much like THE SOPRANOS, it was about a crime family, but this time, Irish. Dozens of memorable roles portrayed by established character actors; the writing and direction both arresting. Two standout performances by Jonathan Tucker and Olivia Wilde, she… Continue reading THE BLACK DONNELLYS