Well…what a difference a day makes…😢
Remember that description “A Slow Moving Coup”?
No more. It is now moving in Real Time…and accelerating!
Don’t need a History Book; pick up any reliable news source today.
BTW, you’d be far better served by Al Jazeera than any reportage pimped by Carson or Hannity’s Pravda-lite rubbish .
I don’t believe (I HOPE) that the ENTIRETY of Congress is venal and corrupt. I ‘d think there are SOME, “just” intoxicated by the prospect of WINNING…and thereby RULING! Having chosen to Sleep with the Devil…but Not Destroy Democracy! Heavens no! Just so they’d get to CONTROL our fading democracy. America loves a winner, right?   USA! USA! 🥺
1. An elected body of public servants (sic) willing to back a twice-convicted, corrupt felon, simply to remain in power.
2. The afore-mentioned, twice convicted felon. #45
3. And now the third leg: a jerrymandered, artificially-stacked Supreme Court. A body NOT committed to protectin the tenets of our founding documents but rather to serve the narrow interests of a strange cabal of Christian Fundamentalists, Oligarchs, White Supremacists and malcontent anarchists.
Three strikes, guys!
Gil Scott Heron, this one you missed. 😢

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