I’m trying to gather enthusiasm for my realization that I live a life superior in every material way to 99% of human existence. Think about that…So long as man has existed, right now in 2018…I am statistically uncommon.
Amidst the existence of billionaires and unprecedented global wealth, I am – me – part of that 1 %. That’s kinda humbling. Now you also have to appreciate that the vast majority of mankind – the 99% – doesn’t really have shit. And they haven’t had shit, pretty much throughout world history.
So I’m just saying that, realizing how very singular –relatively speaking – my existence is…It Really Ain’t All That. It really ain’t. I mean, we’re all still susceptible to germs and accidents and heartbreaks and dumb ass decisions and depression and fraud and the next dumb ass decision, so…
All things considered, the child that’s got his own has better odds to survive this passage in shape to engage what’s to come…

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