A timeless adage: There are lies, damned lies…and statistics. As of Nov 1, Jewish citizens killed in the Hamas atrocity, 1538…plus hostages…and counting. Palestinians killed thus far: 9227. Palestinians injured thus far: 22,000. Palestinians killed by settlers: 132. Yet even more problematic. The false equivalence fallacy means judging two unequal things as equal; ie, apples… Continue reading EQUIVALENCY


This reportage on accusations against a Seal Team Commander (and our CIC’s interferencein the UCMJ) is troubling and dispiriting for several reasons. Elite units are regarded as suchbecause of their physical and mental standards and their exacting training. Apart from Delta,there is no unit ( publicly acknowledged) any more elite than our Navy Seal Teams.… Continue reading PROBING THE MINEFIELD


Yeah, he IS part of an antiquated human tradition of conquerors and those conquered. Royalty. Monarchy. Scandal. Tragedy. Controversy. What I find compelling is his candid examination of having been a man at war. A man who risked death and administered it. However you feel about his mother and his wife and his conflicts with… Continue reading “OTHERIZE”


“I ain’t afraid of dying.  I already been there”, says Leonardo in The Revenant.  And I can dig it. But pain now….pain is something else.  Leo and that bear…well, he may not fear death but he damn sure remembers how much that bear made him hurt. And it sounds good. “I ain’t afraid of dyin”.… Continue reading LEO


And another thing. 😉 This nimrod political wannabe Allen West, weighing in on Rumps misinformed blathering, encourages a troubled soldier to be strong and courageous. To pray. Wrong, asshat! Yes, there are times in war when we are tired, we are frightened, we are confused, we are bleeding, we are even dying…and yes, we summon… Continue reading ALLEN WEST


Yeah. Gotta cop to something tonite. Had an exchange out there yesterday in the real world; one that truly tested my present reality. My master bathroom has a bulb out, affecting my daily real world clarity! Btw, it’s now been out maybe 3 weeks. Today I decide to DEAL with it! Drive to Home Depot,… Continue reading TEMPER


           I don’t question the likelihood that there are veterans who have gamed the system and have disability ratings which are excessive for their injuries. I don’t question the likelihood that there are veterans possessing decorations which are excessive for their conduct under fire. If you have a perception that veterans are more moral, upstanding… Continue reading COMPENSATION, ETHICS AND HONOR