And another thing. 😉

This nimrod political wannabe Allen West, weighing in on Rumps misinformed blathering, encourages a troubled soldier to be strong and courageous. To pray. Wrong, asshat!

Yes, there are times in war when we are tired, we are frightened, we are confused, we are bleeding, we are even dying…and yes, we summon the will and the courage to press on…because we must.

WE ARE HOME NOW. This is the time to heal, to get treatment, to surrender that facade of invincibility. This is the time to recover, to get better. OK? And any dickhead who suggests a veteran that asks for help is weak or lacks courage – “I don’t give a fuck what YOU did during your war – you need to stand down and shut the fuck up.” If you can’t help work towards a solution, at least don’t exacerbate the problem. You don’t know what you’re talking about and your ignorance is contributing to other veterans NOT asking for help. Just shut the fuck up. Please.


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