We know that industries with political juice have and will continue to pollute and poison us with their pesticides, drilling, mining, shipping, manufacturing.  Climate change notwithstanding, this is just business as usual.  So IF there are potential consequences to the proliferation of 5G, even it DOES pose a threat to bees and plants; human cancers and our DNA for whatever percentage (10% – ?), do any of you imagine THAT will dissuade the inevitable acceptance of 5G?  Seriously?  😉

The economics are irrefutable.  Since all harmful industry THAT WE KNOW, continues to be enabled because of $; 5G represents SO MUCH $, its acceptance is inevitable…and humanity must survive its consequences.  There will surely be casualties…but hey, that’s the price of progress, right?

I’m encouraged by the Hawaiian response – legislation to hold 5G industries liable for damage.  It’s a bit like reparations to families for the loss of their children to wrongful police actions…but it is something.  And nowadays, something is regarded as better than nothing.  But in a world of addicted phone users, this is like a governmental crack dispensary on every corner.

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