TILTING AT WINDMILLS Its been a challenging week. Existential ramifications, perhaps. See last Sunday, I noticed water leaking onto the kitchen floor from beneath my sink. Turns out my garbage disposal’s bottom had rusted out…the third in 26 years. I’ve lived here since ’94 and have installed the past replacements. Went online and discovered Home… Continue reading TILTING AT WINDMILLS


As we hunker down, reflect upon this. 2020, right?  Modernity. No shortage of beefs, past and present.  Slavery.  Native American Genocide. Hitler. Pol Pot. Idi Amin. As a senior American man of color, I can appreciate the progress made during my life….as well as ground surrendered.  In time to come I’ll address that…  Let’s stay… Continue reading WOMEN


I traveled east to DC this past week to support an event for a film discussing PTSD and veteran suicide.  It was unlike me to be away; this past Wednesday was my 53rd Alive Day.  I rarely venture far from home during this time.  I tend to be emotional and fragile…but I felt this event… Continue reading THE JOB


 I cannot BEGIN to describe my envy regarding this unique artistic experience! Created by Joe Papp, Shakespeare In The Park is a treasured tradition for New Yorkers. But to invite non-performers to act beside professionals! THAT is singular! What a rush! I’ve attended many summer performances…but was invited to participate just once. It was 1979.… Continue reading TIMING


A very similar encounter happened to me on a NYC street, Easter Sunday morning, 1979. VP Kirchner and I both survived…but that malfunction was the trigger for my PTSD, 10 years AFTER Vietnam. I’m sure she will seek help…but you can appreciate just how traumatic such an event would be. Argentina’s vice-president has narrowly avoided… Continue reading TRIGGER


Well this was a YEAR, boys and girls. Lot of us are happy to see it wind to a close!  But as we approach our own Wrap Party, it’s best to find the good in ANY time well spent.  😉 2016 included outings for fundraisers and my devotion to advocacy for veterans.  I continue to… Continue reading 2016


I read the observations of veterans from different countries, of different wars, of different generations. There is a common sentiment, often with equal elements. Some of us would love to be engaged in a war in which we could be entirely invested. Some of us envy a righteous cause. Most of us know and accept… Continue reading SERVICE


It was a glorious run. The media had begun to drink their own kool-aid, going from skeptical to giddy in a matter of hours. After all, Serena HAD just vanquished the 2nd seeded woman! It was clear to me, early on, this would be about gas…and after Serena failed to close out the first set,… Continue reading WE. DO. NOT. KNEEL.


A friend recently asked me a direct question. “What is wrong with tRump, that man?” I responded, “He is a narcissist.” I now realize that is not adequate. Relatively few people appreciate the real world consequences of this condition. So today I wrote my friend this: Hi XXXXX, You’d asked me a question the other… Continue reading NARCISSISM