As we hunker down, reflect upon this.

2020, right?  Modernity.

No shortage of beefs, past and present.  Slavery.  Native American Genocide. Hitler. Pol Pot. Idi Amin.

As a senior American man of color, I can appreciate the progress made during my life….as well as ground surrendered.  In time to come I’ll address that…  Let’s stay on purpose.

So.  Right Now, we are enduring, enjoying, experiencing a novel reality.  For ALL humanity.  But I began writing this, struck by the thought – right now – in America and even more so, around the world.   Women continue to increase leverage one might imagine their sheer numbers would merit.

WOMEN.  Half – or more – of the entire world population!  And its 2020.  And they are STILL fighting to close the gap!

This is no celebration of right over might.  That ship is a ghost ship.  This is: In the midst of our latest human existential event (Sorry about that, Climate Change.  Take a ticket.)  But how often does that occur to any of us?  HALF OF ALL HUMANITY!

Yes.  Women have existed as long as men have existed.  Not longer.  But not less.  OK?

Pick your creation myth.  Same deal.

We began as co-equals, right?  So at some point, this deal about male dominance began…and has endured for an inordinately long period of time, wouldn’t you say?

I would.

What changed?  When did it change?  Why was it allowed to change?  Who decided, eons ago that women were to be valued less and compensated less, then men.  Who decided that?

So when ANY of us, regardless our tribe, our allegiance bemoan the seeming lack of progress for OUR personal cause….let’s bear in mind that WOMEN are STILL striving for equity, for parity.  And their struggle began at The Beginning.

I AM passionate about those causes to whom I am invested…but that’s a sobering truth I just wrote.

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