BLACKFACE When IS blackface appropriate? 😉 It’s not listed among Greg’s theater credits, THE LAST MINSTREL SHOW, which starred DellaReese and was slated for Broadway. But after out of town runs in Delaware and Philadelphia,we never arrived at our slated opening at the Helen Hayes Theater. (I still have that NY Timesfull page ad announcing… Continue reading BLACKFACE


I love this chick on the drum, she’s just so easy and confident.  She reminds me of Kim Dickens in TREME, just a quiet assurance, a confident sense of self with no seeming effort.  And you could say, “Tucker, how you gonna call her a “chick”, man?  That’s sexist.  And I think, “Yeah, I could… Continue reading CHICK


Well this was a YEAR, boys and girls. Lot of us are happy to see it wind to a close!  But as we approach our own Wrap Party, it’s best to find the good in ANY time well spent.  😉 2016 included outings for fundraisers and my devotion to advocacy for veterans.  I continue to… Continue reading 2016


HONEY WHATS WRONG WITH YOU?  with Stosh Machek     STAGOLEE with Stosh Machek     SLIDIN’ DELTA with Stosh Machek   MAKE ME A PALLET with Stosh Machek   Art District, supported by Stosh Machek and James Slade              

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