This song will always hold a special place in my heart. The moment I first heard it, I knew instantly that the singer was Stevie Winwood. I was in 3rd Field Hospital in Saigon. Been there about 10 days or so. It was September of 1969. I still couldn’t speak…but I could damn sure hear. And I knew Winwood’s hands, his sound.

Afterwards, the AFN announcer said, “This is the first airing of the new album by BLIND FAITH and that was “I Can’t Find My Way Home.” Winwood from Spencer Davis, Traffic; Eric Clapton from The Yardbyrds, Cream, John Mayall, Ginger Baker from Cream on drums and Ric Gretch from Traffic on bass. Blind Faith was the very first SUPER GROUP of rock.

I have heard many versions over the years, performed by SO many legendary musicians…but you never forget your first! Ironically, it was my affection for blues that alerted my surgeons to a developing problem. A kid in my ward had a guitar…and you KNOW I just had to play it! I began picking a tune and soon knew that something was very wrong with me. I was unable to make an F bar chord…and my hands had always been quite strong.

Tests soon revealed that a clot had formed in my recent surgical carotid repair…and that the left side of my body was dying. They put me on blood thinners until months later, once I was strong enough to survive further surgery. That discovery was a real blessing. ♥




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