This reportage on accusations against a Seal Team Commander (and our CIC’s interference
in the UCMJ) is troubling and dispiriting for several reasons. Elite units are regarded as such
because of their physical and mental standards and their exacting training. Apart from Delta,
there is no unit ( publicly acknowledged) any more elite than our Navy Seal Teams. Their
missions have long been among the most dangerous, the most challenging, the most critical.

My own training and combat experience in no way rises to the expertise and gallantry of these
warriors. Yet I do hold some informed opinions; generated by my veteran friendships, my
research and my own service. Esprit is fundamental to such elites…and it is rightfully, invariably
high. Esprit relies upon teamwork. Morale is critical to the successful execution of missions;
their belief in and trust of each other. Such public laundering of misconduct by this typically
clandestine unit is uncommon, is entirely out of character.

Something extraordinary is here afoot..and there are NO good outcomes. Either an eight tour
commander lost his shit on his eighth tour…or this commander lost the respect, regard and
trust of his subordinates. Those are the only choices. And EITHER reality is toxic to combat
readiness…and to the morale as well of other elite forces.

Cause see, once deployed, there is NO one else to be relied upon…apart from your teammates.
SOMEONE has lied. For whatever reasons. And this public clusterfuck dishonors the past gal-
lantry and sacrifices of their predecessors.

1. I hope authentic resolution will be the eventual outcome.
2. I hope this CIC (and future CIC’s) will trust the command and judicial structure of the UCMJ.
Otherwise we’ll jeopardize not only our elite troops…but the well being of EVERY American we
send into harms way.


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