I can remember having watched THE BLACK DONNELLYS back in 2007, struck by its unrelenting darkness. Much like THE SOPRANOS, it was about a crime family, but this time, Irish. Dozens of memorable roles portrayed by established character actors; the writing and direction both arresting. Two standout performances by Jonathan Tucker and Olivia Wilde, she clearly ready for prime time! Created and written by Paul Haggis, it debuted as THE SOPRANOS was wrapping up. Sadly it only existed for a single season (see S:AAB), also unable to find an audience wide enough to justify its costs. Violent without question…but eminently watchable
One might have thought, following the darkness (and prior success) of THE SOPRANOS, THE WIRE AND DEADWOOD one might have expected at least a second season to find its audience…but no such luck. It’s free on IMDb, well worth watching if only for the compelling work (and eyes) of Olivia. Just haunting…




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