Commercial Evolution

I’ve long been an observer of commercials because I discovered they reflect our constantly evolving social mores. Take a look at advertising during ANY decade since the advent of television. That ad will reflect the social dynamics of that time. Not so many decades ago, a commercial, ANY commercial featuring a married couple or a single man and woman, presented a man “who could get things done”, “understood how the world worked” and “looked out for the “little lady”.

Any commercial running right now that features any couple (married or single) shares this single arc:

1. The man will be confused, uninformed or misinformed.
2. The woman will know the right answer…and fondly smile even as she resolves the issue.

Once the formula was: “Men know. Woman need guidance.”
That is now SO old school.

Whether a result of Feminism or Me Too or statistical analysis of who REALLY does the shopping…but I challenge you to name a single contemporary commercial – featuring a couple – that presents any women who DOESN’T know the right answer…or requires the help of some man to solve her problem.

That might infer social gender evolution.  Yet today, it remains primarily men who continue to make decisions that govern the rights of women.

And that also makes we wonder just how successful a gifted comedienne like Lucille Ball might have fared with our modern sexual dynamics. Think of Lucy’s most memorable bits. The grapes…the production line..
Plus knowing the answer and solving the riddle isn’t really all that…funny. 😉




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