Caitlin Clark and Iowa are playing right now on national tv against Nebraska. She leads the nation in scoring. Last year, she led in scoring AND assists, the only woman ever to do that…AS A FRESHMAN! The announcers say, “She has moxie” That’s an old school word.   What she has is swag or ‘tude…in spades!
She has all the skills that flashier players have; behind the back, no look pass, crossover…but she does it all so smoothly, so matter of fact that it doesn’t have that WOW factor. She is incredibly efficient WITHOUT flash. Her step-back is just rude. She is MS Triple-Double. Then she’ll run back down the court, teasing the crowd with attitude. She has eight triple-doubles, the most in Big Ten history, third most ever, in all of women’s basketball.
Once she crosses midcourt , she’ll take one step, two steps and raise up. You’ve seen shots that are so flush, the net makes a sound as the ball passes thru. Caitlin’s shot is so fucking pure, the net almost doesn’t MOVE. The passage is silent. Never seen anything like it.

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