On my way to SEES ( I am addicted to Milk Rum Nougat!) and am stopped at a light under the 101. Traffic is full of Bogarts, so lanes are blocked by late arrivals from the last red light. My path is obstructed by this huge Silverado crew cab with tinted windows…so I can’t throw… Continue reading NOTORIETY


They took some shit away from me today. The World did… Well, the FB world did it. I do Facebook.  That’s about it. But I DO FB. Today, FB blocked my ass. Fuck “they did me a favor”… Fuck that a whole bunch! They took away from me, something I enjoy. How fucking DARE they?… Continue reading CENSORING


“I ain’t afraid of dying.  I already been there”, says Leonardo in The Revenant.  And I can dig it. But pain now….pain is something else.  Leo and that bear…well, he may not fear death but he damn sure remembers how much that bear made him hurt. And it sounds good. “I ain’t afraid of dyin”.… Continue reading LEO


Mmmkay?  We now exist in this compelling duality. Unprecedented consciousness about sexual harassment. Unprecedented numbers of women willing to collateralize their sexual attractiveness. They now have the technology.  J This presents an ongoing apposition that I believe will continue.  Women at large will continue to press for harassment consequences…and other women (perhaps opportunistically) will continue… Continue reading GETTIN’ PAID


We know that industries with political juice have and will continue to pollute and poison us with their pesticides, drilling, mining, shipping, manufacturing.  Climate change notwithstanding, this is just business as usual.  So IF there are potential consequences to the proliferation of 5G, even it DOES pose a threat to bees and plants; human cancers… Continue reading 5G


It’s not all that warm outside tonite.   I’ve got the windows open… ‘cause I’m hearing a sound…   In a pattern that repeated itself, sometimes for hours.   It’s a familiar sound…a comforting sound…   Yet largely unheard in recent years.   Perhaps it is the very first sound…ever there was.   Or did… Continue reading RAIN