On my way to SEES ( I am addicted to Milk Rum Nougat!) and am stopped at a light under the 101. Traffic is full of Bogarts, so lanes are blocked by late arrivals from the last red light. My path is obstructed by this huge Silverado crew cab with tinted windows…so I can’t throw the driver a dirty look. Understand he’s just a couple feet away.
Suddenly his window rolls down and this maniacal smiling face greets me with gusto! HEY GOD!!!!!
I’m momentarily stunned, then realize I’ve been recognized from work years past. I think he’s just as tickled about having encountered and recognized me as he is about getting to shout out such a singular greeting! THOSE words! I return his smile and drive away, wondering if Morgan is ever similarly greeted in Mississippi.
                                                                                                                                        SARAH AND GOD

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