In search of something today to alter my depressive mindset, I chose a movie full of artists whose work I expect to find worth my time and money.  THE HOLLARS stars such leads, like Richard Jenkins, Margo Martindale and is directed by John Krasinski…and aptly so.  It’s a humanistic family mess, full of flawed characters and failed relationships.  I loved it; it was exactly what I needed.  We are a mess, we humans…and yet there is always the possibility of transformation and learning and forgiveness.

I’ve been in the midst of death for several weeks it would seem.  I am of a certain age and my friends are dying as are their parents and their partners and their children.  I feel their grief and sense of loss.  I have endured the same passages and will presumably continue to do so, long as I’m still around.

Trite go-to expressions of sympathy become wooden and unsatisfactory.  We know that it will take as long as it does for our wounds to heal or at least form a scab.  I don’t really have any guidance for you.  Loss is fundamental to human life.  If you can, seek reminders of humanity, those qualities that make life worth living and cherishing.


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