See this is what gets my back up.  This guy essentially threw Colin under the bus.  And while I know public statements can be daunting, his remarks suggested that he, while playing in the NFL, would be somehow equivalent to active duty service.  That is a crock of shit!  I suspect he misspoke and am willing to give Keenan the benefit of the doubt.  Men like Roger Stauback and David Robinson and many other service academy graduates have gone on to professional sports careers…after they put in their time.   That is the essence of what they have stolen from Colin, something impossible to replace:  TIME.

DoD and Navy have apparently decided to maximize the publicity value of Keenan Reynolds playing in the NFL right NOW.  OK.  Rules change.  He seems to be a fine young man and a talented football player.  Principle is a two way street.  Keenan entered Annapolis to earn a Navy commission and an education.  In return, he promised to serve four additional years after commissioning on active duty.  Keenan made a promise from which he is now being released.

Given that, I believe Colin’s actions to be the more honorable, the more authentic.


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