Three days and counting.  I’ve already voted, many Americans have…but this is my very first early vote.  I’m not sure I feel any calmer, tho I think that was my hope.  Political ads irritate me, those for and against my candidate…yet they’ll continue to run.

Probably the most difficult thing to accept is that we still seem to be in a tightly contested race.  IF this is true, given the immense differences between candidates, that truly gives me pause.  Some suggest (people are saying/I am hearing) that media is purposefully distorting and framing the data in a way that makes it seem neck and neck, for better ratings.

If true, no matter the outcome, no matter how one parses it, a consequential proportion of our population favors a man and a party seemingly intent upon blowing up this country.  Uninterested in compromised or common ground, they wish to demolish the functions of government, preferring anarchy and chaos to finding solutions.  We’ll see how it shakes out in a few more days…but America is damn sure not your father’s Oldsmobile. Boy howdy!

November 5, 2016


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