So, David Katz. Was able to legally purchase at least two handguns in Baltimore, Md along
with ammunition. Was legally able to possess both. Was able to travel from Maryland to
Florida in possession of two pistols and ammunition (presumably by car, I HOPE he wasn’t
allowed to fly in!) Was able to enter the venue in possession of two pistols and ammunition.

His prior history includes documented mental health issues and prescribed anti-depressants. A
child from a broken home, described as quiet and a loner. I don’t believe that electronic gaming
is the issue here. I’d be shocked if, following a pick up game of flag football or softball, someone
went off and began firing at people…but perhaps a chess tournament or a spelling bee or a hold
em tournament…yeah, that might make sense to me. Can you appreciate what they have in
common? Btw, this video game wasn’t literally a “war game”; it was Madden football, after all.

So I’d be reluctant to accuse gaming as a core cause. Occam’s razor. That so clearly
(in retrospect) a young man can legally purchase multiple firearms and ammunition (with a
documented history of mental health issues), transport them across state lines and bring them
into a public venue; that’s where I’d begin looking to attribute responsibility and opportunity
for this most recent atrocity.

As a society we seem willing to forgive such conduct, all in the name of a misunder-
stood (deliberately so) item in our Bill Of Rights.
So it goes…and will continue…

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