Arose at 4 to play nine holes at sunrise before the heat got busy. Driving to Woodley,
the sky was glorious! Violets, pinks, grays, golds, blues…hadn’t seen that in years! Off at
6:30, shot an eclectic 43 on Woodley’s back nine. Meaning scruffed shot, BRILLIANT approach.
Topped drive, EXQUISITE recovery! Sliced drive, LASER-LIKE pitch. Lousy chip, SINKS a 40 foot
snake! Great fun!;)

You know the upside from having made an exorbitant purchase (like my $600 dinner?)
All other decisions seem moderate in comparison. Like a Scotty Cameron putter; they cost
about $250. I’ve been playing golf since 1958! I have probably 12 putters downstairs, none
of which cost more than $100, none of which I use with any confidence. “I’m not good enough
to own a Scotty Cameron putter!” Well maybe there’s a reason they cost so much, Tucker.
Maybe if you bought one, you’d become a better putter.

And now I guess I will. I mean, in comparison to that gonzo priced dinner, how can I
say no? 😉 I’ve committed to a dining experience to commemorate this years ReBirthday. This
will easily be the most unique meal I’ve ever enjoyed; a once in a lifetime indulgence. Show
your Price Is Right chops and guess the tab, without going over. Bon appetit! 😉


Course 1
Peruvian Scallop Crudo, Lime, Grapefruit, Cilantro, Fried Oysters
JM Gobillard Brut Champagne

Course 2
Live Maine Lobster, Pommes Puree, Caviar
2013 Val de Mer Grand Cru Chablis

Course 3
Mary’s Duck Breast, Confit Duck Leg, Carrot, Black Truffle, Foie Gras, Lavender
2015 Hundred Acre Kayli Morgan Cabernet Sauvignon

Course 4
Venison, Roasted Pear, Huckleberry, Chanterelle Mushrooms
2013 Hundred Acre Wraith Cabernet Sauvignon

Course 5
Wagyu Ribeye, Confit Weiser Fingerling Potatoes, Black Truffle-Lardo, Charred Onion
2015 Hundred Acre Ark Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Course 6
Peruvian Dark Chocolate, Fresh Thyme
2007 Hundred Acre Fortification

What was your guess? Was it $650? If so, you win. 😉

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