In the midst of global strife and domestic contentiousness, today I am feeling a lingering sadness at the passing of Matthew Perry.  I didn’t know him personally but did spend a few days in his company while filming an episode of FRIENDS, years ago.  By that time, the show’s success had made the entire cast… Continue reading MATTHEW


I’m thinking tonite, even as I watch our traditions vanish into mist, that I have memories of classic imagery few if any of you will ever know. You see, I sailed from New York to Genoa and back…and to Southampton and back, in the days when most trips to Europe were done by sea rather… Continue reading LADY LIBERTY


Why a leading cancer doctor says he won’t get chemo after 75. Provocative, fascinating discussion about decisions regarding quality of life. Who agrees? Who will fight on?    


Caitlin Clark and Iowa are playing right now on national tv against Nebraska. She leads the nation in scoring. Last year, she led in scoring AND assists, the only woman ever to do that…AS A FRESHMAN! The announcers say, “She has moxie” That’s an old school word.   What she has is swag or ‘tude…in spades!… Continue reading CAITLIN


Yeah, he IS part of an antiquated human tradition of conquerors and those conquered. Royalty. Monarchy. Scandal. Tragedy. Controversy. What I find compelling is his candid examination of having been a man at war. A man who risked death and administered it. However you feel about his mother and his wife and his conflicts with… Continue reading “OTHERIZE”


On my way to SEES ( I am addicted to Milk Rum Nougat!) and am stopped at a light under the 101. Traffic is full of Bogarts, so lanes are blocked by late arrivals from the last red light. My path is obstructed by this huge Silverado crew cab with tinted windows…so I can’t throw… Continue reading NOTORIETY


They took some shit away from me today. The World did… Well, the FB world did it. I do Facebook.  That’s about it. But I DO FB. Today, FB blocked my ass. Fuck “they did me a favor”… Fuck that a whole bunch! They took away from me, something I enjoy. How fucking DARE they?… Continue reading CENSORING


“I ain’t afraid of dying.  I already been there”, says Leonardo in The Revenant.  And I can dig it. But pain now….pain is something else.  Leo and that bear…well, he may not fear death but he damn sure remembers how much that bear made him hurt. And it sounds good. “I ain’t afraid of dyin”.… Continue reading LEO