What is this latest fashion look about, women in camouflage?  Is it somehow related to our being at war  And is it connected to so many women, bearing arms in combat zones these days?  I can remember a time in the 70’s that it first occurred.  I can remember seeing a hot redhead in tailored… Continue reading WOMEN IN CAMMIES


Boy, did I see a classic Holloween movie this evening!  I am fond of fright classics, like the original Nosferatu, by Murnau and Bela Lugosi’s Dracula series, the colorful Hammer Studio films with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, for example.  And you’ve gotta toss in Aliens, and Night of the Living Dead, and maybe even… Continue reading SCARY MOVIES


I noticed on a porn site, a video by a model from the 70’s…someone I actually went to a club to see her “perform”.  Her name was Traci Topps. And she was pretty and blonde and had uncommonly large breasts.  In truth that constituted her entire career at that time, pretty much. Understand that then… Continue reading STRIPPERS


OK, going into the deep end of the pool here. Got into this today with my therapist. I have NEVER had an appreciation for rap, hip-hop, what have you. I recorded a blues album back in ’82 with a producer who’d represented Curtis Blow, one of the early pioneers. Thru the decades I’ve encountered some… Continue reading NIGGER