It’s not all that warm outside tonite.   I’ve got the windows open… ‘cause I’m hearing a sound…   In a pattern that repeated itself, sometimes for hours.   It’s a familiar sound…a comforting sound…   Yet largely unheard in recent years.   Perhaps it is the very first sound…ever there was.   Or did… Continue reading RAIN


NEWS FLASH!  Our reality is more complicated and other than you’ve believed…and it always has been. There are people that firmly believe Jesus of Nazareth was Caucasian…or white. This despite overwhelming anthropological evidence how very unlikely that would be…and had blue eyes!  No shit.  I suspect it would be far more likely that Jesus actually… Continue reading FACTS AND FAITH


Yeah. Gotta cop to something tonite. Had an exchange out there yesterday in the real world; one that truly tested my present reality. My master bathroom has a bulb out, affecting my daily real world clarity! Btw, it’s now been out maybe 3 weeks. Today I decide to DEAL with it! Drive to Home Depot,… Continue reading TEMPER


https://www.imdb.com/title/tt02678       https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0267804/


I’d noticed on my itinerary a change of planes in Dallas.  “Hmmm,” I thought, “A private jet to bring us to Carlsbad New Mexico.  Nice.”    Private jets are invariably a pleasant experience.  I remembered golfing fundraisers years ago and being flown out of Van Nuys Airport, just minutes from my home to Palm Springs or… Continue reading SMALL PLANES


You know, we’ve watched footage of ISIS fighters destroying sites of antiquity…and some of us cringe in horror.  Much as we might’ve cringed, had we been privy to the burning of the Library of Alexandria.  Loss.  Treasure. Human history reduced to ashes.  Given human inclinations, there is really no telling HOW much of our past… Continue reading LODESTAR


It’s now 2 AM. I’ve topped off the rental tank ($9.98 per gallon if they do it!), arrived at the Cincinnati airport (which is in Kentucky) and I’m prepared to drop off my rental and kill a couple hours reading til my 6:25AM flight home.   WTF, Budget? A sign pronounces the lots hours are from… Continue reading POST THANKSGIVING


See this is what gets my back up.  This guy essentially threw Colin under the bus.  And while I know public statements can be daunting, his remarks suggested that he, while playing in the NFL, would be somehow equivalent to active duty service.  That is a crock of shit!  I suspect he misspoke and am… Continue reading HONOR