Machu Picchu I generally write about my life experiences AFTER they’ve taken place…but something seems different about my journey to Peru tomorrow night.  There has been an uncommon unanimity of response from friends with whom I’ve shared my intentions.   Evidently this trip resonates with many; it is an adventure, a faint hope that “some day….”… Continue reading INKA DINKA DOO


DOWN UNDER THOUGHTS II That last evening, as I walked along the main drag, laden with take-home booty of duty-free rum and souvenirs for friends and family, a young Asian teenager approached from behind and asked, “Are you an actor?”  I’d been largely unrecognized since arriving, bearded, far from prime time markets, and told him… Continue reading DOWN UNDER THOUGHTS II


DOWN UNDER THOUGHTS I can still remember the fragrance of gardenia blossoms in a resort garden I’d always stop and smell, en route to the ocean – redolent, nostalgic, decadent…and was welcomed to Australia by the sight of verdant Jacarandas, indigo harbingers of the onset of summer there and a welcome reminder of home.  The… Continue reading DOWN UNDER THOUGHTS I


HiStory Clearly ALL our passing events constitute American history.  But most able to both walk and talk appreciate that our present reality will endure for decades, if not centuries to come.  Much like JFK/ Nixon/ Clinton/ 911/ Obama,  the next 48 hours will define the direction of both American politics and America itself.  This is… Continue reading HiStory

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It’s why I do it. Advocacy. It’s why my own trauma is kept alive and raw. I don’t get to pack it away, hide out… heal? As if I could… Cause countless other souls, without my media presence LIVE daily with THEIR pain. And they may not have found counseling or meds or understanding. A… Continue reading MAHALIA AND PTSD


It’s been a blitzkrieg, traveling east to DC and back today in slightly more than 48 hours…and worth every second. It’ll take me a few days to get current…and I must begin filming tomorrow morning. But I’ll make a start. The purpose of my mission: to unite with classmates from college in Munich, ’62-64. These… Continue reading FAMILIAL IRONIES


OK, going into the deep end of the pool here. Got into this today with my therapist. I have NEVER had an appreciation for rap, hip-hop, what have you. I recorded a blues album back in ’82 with a producer who’d represented Curtis Blow, one of the early pioneers. Thru the decades I’ve encountered some… Continue reading HIP HOP


We (The Free World) seem to have an unspoken agreement; to pretend that our actions thus far are likely to create a good outcome in Ukraine.  Zelensky and his countrymen are courageous and committed…and they are dying.  More than 2 million refugees have been created.  Hundreds if not thousands of civilians have died.  But I… Continue reading Ukraine

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I don’t question the likelihood that there are veterans who have gamed the system and have disability ratings which are excessive for their injuries. I also don’t question the likelihood that there are veterans possessing decorations which are excessive for their conduct under fire. If you have a perception that veterans are more moral, upstanding… Continue reading DISABILITY

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