On the evening of March 22, 2003, I exited a theater in Westwood, having just watched THE PIANIST. I soon learned that Shock & Awe had commenced in Iraq. Today I exited The Encino Laemmle, having watched LITTLE WOMEN, to discover that our newest global misstep had commenced.

To my sisters and brothers in arms now in harms way, my thoughts and prayers are impotent shields for the dangers you now face. It is your misfortune to serve America at a time and under the command of corrupt, incompetent leadership…at the top and among those in Congress sworn to defend us from such executive excesses. Such partisan callousness is embarrassing. It is unAmerican.

If you voted for such leadership, you bear responsibility. If you continue to support such leadership, you are treasonous. That’s right. In my estimation, given what you now know, continued allegiance to this President and to this party is treason.

A new body count now commences. Non -American casualties may not bother some of you, whatever your rationale…but to someone, their lives mattered. And EVERY AMERICAN MOTHERS SON AND DAUGHTER lost from today to the end of THIS conflict is a death attributable to the tRump regime and to each of his supporters. Past AND Present.

Damn you for your indifference to humanity.


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