If this were a film plot, I’d immediately dismiss it for being beyond my willingness to suspend my disbelief.  “Three HUNDRED religious figures…”and from ONE state?  Come on, man!   I know the Catholic church has a long dark history of pederasty, over centuries from the Vatican down to the smallest parish.  But even so, come on man!

So I wouldn’t plan to see such a film.  But I am capable of believing the lurid, diabolic accusations of this story…because of what we’ve learned over the decades, both from victims and from clergy.  Something inside me suspects that this goes beyond a few twisted sisters or misfits hiding out from societal norms.  When the entire hierarchy enables, dismisses and confesses to the most wretched abuse imaginable of children over centuries, I think you have to elevate such crimes to the level of EVIL.  And I don’t mean, “that was really bad behavior”.  I’m suggesting that the fables are not fabrications but literally true.  EVIL exists.  And religious leaders around the world are in concert with these dark forces.

Under such circumstances, who you gonna pray to?

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