Steven Kiley is the first character I’ve played with moral ambiguity, my characters tend to be straight arrows, you know immediately which side I’m on…(tho Harold Williams in Blackout was a ‘bad guy”.) The music was a trippy choice…particularly since I did it with an ‘ear piece’, the track edited in later…and I was less than happy with my production tho nice things have been said.  Kiley needn’t have been particulary ‘good’ at singing, but Tucker would have like to have been better…and wishes more of ‘Goodby Charlie’ had survived, for I liked that song. The editing was kind and retained almost all of what I’d done, and for the most part, I liked the takes selected.  The dual shot of Frank and I didn’t make final cut and I do wish I’d seen it…the end of our motel scene between Eleanor and I was cut..and the first half of the poem by Anne Sexton.  I liked for the most part my interrogation scene, done the first day of shooting.  The elevator scene was not as unrealized as I feared, tho it could’ve been so much more…and the crisis center scenes held up ok.  The prologue was a bit disappointing, since it was last to be shot and should have been full of nuance and informed choices, I wasn’t crazy about my narration or my acting to start the show…(and my ADR Ho-kah-he didn’t make final cut).  So it goes.  Also didn’t like billing, I should’ve been first up, and Kristen with a special billing at end of guest cards, that would’ve honored both our contributions…but I had many colors and choices, I was relaxed and comfortable and felt quite creditable as the character I portrayed.  All in all, a good job, well received and a nice piece for the demo reel.


11 January 1998


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