I had a good time tonite. I did film it but with my Hi def camera and it’s a yuuge file, so…perhaps later to be shared.

What I appreciated tonite was how very different were tonites performers. See, for me, each of these public musical adventures is an opportunity for me to share music I love with others. But it isn’t a means to any end. It IS an End…an Intention. And I want to continue to share music, long as I can.

But I’m not in search of a recording contract or a TV special. So the pressure on me, the pressure I put on myself – and it can be daunting, friends – exists only from me. See, the other fine musicians with whom I often appear regard each performance as a step; one which may lead to something better, something remunerative, something furthering. Now THAT is pressure…but I hope a good pressure, stemming from standards we embrace so we can grow. 😉

I wish them all well. And I hope they enjoy themselves musically, as they journey on. Tonite I heard a veritable string quartet; guitar, violin, viola (?), cello. Some of our members are worldly… but I suspect, more than a few were experiencing such music for their first time.

I surely enjoyed tonite. I was scheduled to open at 8:30. Our bar had relatively few in attendance. 8:30 came and went…and I realized, this was going to be our audience. I persuaded our MC to allow me to introduce myself…so I could make this space my own. I imagined we were in my living room, in my own home and they all had stopped by and were just eavesdropping. So tonite was not a ‘performance’…just some music shared.

I wish you’d been there…


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