Tonite a classic Yankee victory –  2019 style.  We won in the 10th, 12-10.  In truth our pitching staff is questionable.   EVERYONE!  Starters, middle men, closers.  Tonite, Yankee starter Domingo German was going for his major league leading 13TH victory!

Instead he got lit up for 8 runs, quite early on.  He’s not the same first half pitcher….not sure why.  Even so, Yankees are never out of a game.  Chipped away, we went ahead in the 8th.  And promptly let the Twins tie it up.  Again ahead in the 9th.  And again, Twins tie it up!  And against our BEST closers!  First Britton…then Chapman…who actually WON the fucking game, no thanks to him!

Boonie, I feel you.  God knows who you can trust.  But you got an offensive JUGGERNAUT.  Listen, CC is done.  He was a bulldog and HOF down the road…but CC is done.  Stop starting our games with 4 and 5 run deficits…and if CC HAS a decent outing, PROTECT HIM!  Sit him down with a lead; let our bullpen earn their keep.

I look at Bostons lineup and say, “Goddamn, THEY got some wallbangers!”  And then I look at my Yankees…and I’ll take them over ANY lineup in the major leagues!

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