The shot in Frasier of the back of my head, which was held for the longest time, thru my own dialogue and theirs, Frasier’s entrance and beyond, is quite simply the worst composed shot I have ever seen on network television.  To discover it on a show as technically fine as Frasier is simply difficult to believe.  I’ve spent hours puzzling over, ”What in the world was he (David Lee, both a producer and the director of the show) thinking?”  I’ve spoken with dozens of people today, both civilians and industry folk, all of whom immediately ask, “what was that about?”  …and none of us have come up with a reasonable explanation…so I’ll look forward to posing that question to the appropriate parties when next we meet.  But it was a lovely show, with a fine performance by John Mahoney…The show was always long, they cut three actors completely out of it, which I’m sure came as a disappointment to them, for they’d all done nice work…But unless the editor had a stroke in the middle of cutting it, I’ll live to receive an explanation for ‘the weirdest shot in prime time history’…


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