Bread and circuses are successfully misdirecting your attention from the purposeful dismantling of banking, consumer, environmental, health and civil protections we have enjoyed in recent years.  “They” HAVE “taken back their country!”  If the cabinet appointments weren’t enough of a clue, you really shouldn’t look up when it rains…you might drown.

Someday soon, there will be another financial debacle; you will have far less money and your money will be worth far less.  So it goes.  Go be a consumer; might as well get some enjoyment while you still can.  Can you hear the thunder?


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  1. So true! So refreshing to see a succinct, comprehensive and REAL mini-summary of the most mind-boggling changes of our lifetimes (at least if we are under 100 years old). Thank you Tucker Smallwood for telling it like it is. Let’s keep on keeping on, bro!

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