In a seemingly Zelig-like way, my life has intersected with three of the most important artists of the 20th century. Martin Puryear. Donald Judd.  Bruce Nauman.   In 1954, schools and neighborhoods in Washington DC the celebrated Brown v. Board of Education decision by the Supreme Court in 1954, declared school segregation unconstitutional.        Homes… Continue reading ART


Where much of this began.  Ms Stella Adler                     THE INVISIBLE MAN JABBERW0CKY   WCVB TV  Boston  1973     JoBeth Williams       SPECTRES                                                                                         Marina Sirtis MODERN FAMILY FRIENDS    “Dooties” MOST WANTED  LA Police Chief Watson       AGILE WARRIOR  Sony PS3   THE… Continue reading ODD JOBS


           I don’t question the likelihood that there are veterans who have gamed the system and have disability ratings which are excessive for their injuries. I don’t question the likelihood that there are veterans possessing decorations which are excessive for their conduct under fire. If you have a perception that veterans are more moral, upstanding… Continue reading COMPENSATION, ETHICS AND HONOR


There is an Asian restaurant a little north of me I’ve been visiting for 10 or 15 years. You know, a daily variety of hot plates; Kung Pau, broccoli and beef, teriyaki chicken, etc. I’ve watched the owners kids grow up; they now serve me. I stopped into for a late lunch and the son,… Continue reading LIKE MIKE